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Company Growth Stifled by Poor Problem Solving 

The ability to solve complicated problems quickly is more important than ever in today’s slowing economy. Silicon Valley author, teacher and consultant Jeanne Sawyer explains, “From the time we’re little kids, we’re taught to solve problems by trial and error. That’s fine if the problem is as simple as a burned out light bulb. When the problem is a muddle of business, technical and political problems, we need something that helps us untangle the mess. Treating a mess like a burned out light bulb is about as effective as wishing for magic.”

            Fortunately, there are alternatives to magic. According to Sawyer, author of the book, When Stuff Happens: A Practical Guide to Solving Problems Permanently, many key concepts in problem solving seem obvious, but are often overlooked and cause delays and frustration in getting important problems solved. Here are a few tips that can help your readers solve messy problems quickly and permanently.

v    Define the problem first.

v    Test your assumptions about everything.

v     Measure.

v     Measure the right things.

v     Look for solution owners rather than problem owners.

v     Whatever you do, do it on purpose.

Visit for free information, including more tips (with descriptions). When Stuff Happens (ISBN 0-9700304-0-1) is practical, easy to read, and designed for people who have real, important problems to solve right now.


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