The Sawyer Partnership

Consulting, training, and coaching to help you solve messy problems that disrupt your operations or cause customers to take their business elsewhere.
  • Are repeated problems getting in the way of growing your business?

  • Are you spending more time than you can afford on lingering problems?

  • Are your strategic partnerships less effective than you need them to be? 


Could these resources help you?

Topics include various aspects of problem solving, root cause analysis and making strategic partnerships work. The articles are free

Would you like to order When Stuff Happens: A Practical Guide to Solving Problems Permanently? Order it now! Or want more info

Solving Problems PermanentlySM.
Workshops & seminars to improve your and your staff's problem-solving skills. 

Strategic Partnerships: Making Them Work.
Workshops and seminars to turn your business relationships from marketing and posturing jargon into reality.

Click "Workshops" to find out about training general seminars or custom workshops just for your team .

Root cause analysis, team leadership, business process design and improvement, making teams and partnerships work: click Services to find out about consulting, training  coaching and presentations and in these areas. These services can help you get messy problems to go away and stay away.

Free Stuff. Just for fun: quotes on all aspects of problem solving. Also, helpful hints to make your problem solving projects more effective.

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About The Sawyer Partnership

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