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Consulting, training, and coaching to help you solve messy problems that disrupt your operations or cause customers to take their business elsewhere.

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Interview Jeanne Sawyer
I love to do interviews and make presentations that will help others learn to solve problems effectively. Contact me directly at 408-929-3622 or email me to schedule it.


Your audience may be interested in answers to some of the following:

  • Why is it important for people to develop their problem-solving skills?
  • What is the biggest mistake most people make in solving problems? 
  • What’s wrong with standard trouble-shooting techniques? 
  • You say in your book that defining the problem is the most important step. Why?
  • Can you give us an example of how your methods have helped a company solve an important problem?
  • Do you see patterns in what kinds of things get identified as root causes of business problems.
  • You use the term "mess", and even include it in the glossary. What's a mess?
  • Why do you devote a whole chapter to getting organized? Once you've identified a problem, shouldn't you just go ahead and solve it?
  • Why do you use Ishikawa analysis as your root cause analysis method? Many of us have seen the method as part of TQM (Total Quality Management) efforts and were not impressed.
  • Are there times when you shouldn’t solve a problem?

  • Your book focuses on business problems, but do the techniques work on personal problems also? Have you ever tried it?

  • What’s the most important message people should take away from your book? 


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