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Consulting, training, and coaching to help you solve messy problems that disrupt your operations or cause customers to take their business elsewhere.

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Consulting takes many shapes and forms, always dependent on what you need. I can lead your project, or I can coach you or a team member through it. The best way to find out if I can help you with a particular project is to call (408-929-3622) or email me and tell me what you've got in mind. If I can help you, I'll suggest how. If I can't, I'll tell you.

I undertake projects in the following, usually related, areas. The questions identify the situation many of my clients are in when they call me. Want to see specific examples? Click here

Problem-Solving Consulting and Coaching

Do you have an identified problem, but need an experienced leader to organize and conduct the root cause analysis effort to understand and solve it? Maybe you or a member of your team can lead the project, but you want an experienced coach to guide you?

Maybe you know the impact of problem, but need someone to find out the truth of what is happening?

Business Process Design/Improvement Consulting and Coaching

Do you have key business processes that don't product the desired results-every time? 

Do you need to take best advantage of the new computer systems you're installing? 

Are you merging with another company and need to consolidate operations to use the same, efficient process?

PartnershipsMaking Them Work 
Consulting and Coaching

Have you agreed to partner with someone, but need help getting the relationship organized and working properly on a daily basis?

Do you want to change a relationship from adversarial to collaborative?

Do you want to develop a systematic approach to managing collaborative relationships that your sales force, field engineers, etc. can use consistently?


Do you or your people need better methods and tools for solving problems?

Do you or your people need new ideas and tools for making partnerships work?

Click here for more information on the workshops and seminars I regularly teach. Custom training is available: call or email me to discuss your requirements.



The following topics are available for presentations and short tutorials (1-2 hours) at conferences, in-house (e.g., brown-bag lunches), etc. Presentations are always customized to meet the needs of the particular audience, and the time requirements of the program.

Other topics can be added (if, of course, it's a topic I know about)—let me know what you need.

Solving Problems PermanentlySM. An introduction to systematic problem solving. 

Problem-Solving Success Tips. Suggestions and reminders to help ensure successful problem solving.

Solving Problems PermanentlySM Using the Truth to Prevent Unwanted Incidents and Speed Recovery. Uses a case study to explain how to use TØ Root Cause Analysis, a method that is particularly effective for understanding an undesirable event such as a system outage. 

Leveraging a Crisis: Creating a Strategic Partnership with Your Vendor. Uses a case study to show how you can use a crisis (i.e., situation with a very angry customer) to convert the relationship to a successful partnership. 

Creating a Strategic Partnership With Your Vendor: Making It Work. Practical suggestions on how to get what you both need while keeping you both happy.

Organizing for Effective Meetings. Nobody can afford to waste time in poorly organized or unnecessary meetings. This presentation provides some tools and techniques to keep meetings focused and effective. Useful for problem-solvers—and just about everybody else.

Setting Priorities Without Pain: A Helpful Tool. Learn to use an easy but effective tool to help decide where to start when there are too many possibilities or to choose among mutually exclusive options. 



Business Process Analysis and Design

Problem-Solving and Root Cause Analysis

Building and Managing Strategic Partnerships

Solving Problems PermanentlySM
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